Students react to vandalism



Olivia Ebersole


The “out-of-order” sign on bathroom stalls will forever be looked at with suspicion from now on.

As our school continues to be in lockdown after a threatening message was found written in a boys’ bathroom stall, students give their opinion on both the vandalism and the lockdown.

Senior Zach Richeimer puts a popular opinion into words.

“Some kids were being jerks and weren’t thinking about their actions,” Richeimer said. “I don’t think it’s going to be taken out seriously.”

While many students seem to have the feeling that nothing is going to happen because, come on, this is Granville, the school is still taking measures to keep students safe.

The school has been in a modified lockdown since Apr. 19, and some students are more upset over the lockdown than the threat itself.

“I have stuff to go do I have things to go do, I have tests to go make up and have better more important things but I can’t do that because of some idiotic person,” said a junior who wished to remain nameless.

He jokingly added, ““This is just making me hold my urine and possibly give me a bladder infection in the near future.”

At the same time student Zach Richeimer understands the reasoning behind the lockdown.

“I’m glad the school is taking precautions about it I think it’s a safe and smart thing to do,” he said.

Gender Sexuality Alliance Co-President Riley Torrence believes the threat should be taken seriously.

“In respective of whether or not this was a really sick joke or someone going out of their way to make a death threat towards a student I think that the vandalism shows that ignorance is held by many students within Granville High School and the lack of knowledge about the LGBT community.”

She asks anyone who thinks that what is going on currently is stupid to take a step back.

“I think they should imagine themselves in their place where someone wrote that you needed to die,” Torrence said.

The GSA will have a table out during lunch periods on Thursday and Friday handing out pamphlets to students to educate them and to make it even better, baked goods.  The GSA is taking action by doing what they stand for; meeting hate with love.

The vandalism is a lesson for everyone and perhaps will bring to light even more crude saying written on the stalls.

Senior Jake VanMeter says there are other terrible things written in stalls.

“I can’t say the things that are written in those stalls, it’s bad,” he said.

Students should all take a second to think about the consequences of any action.

“In the end of the day, it’s a bunch of kids who weren’t thinking about their actions and didn’t understand that even writing a simple phrase in a bathroom stall might hurt a lot of people and might but a whole entire school on lockdown,” Richeimer said.