Lacrosse Update


Hunter Brown


The men’s lacrosse team has always been known for being one of the better teams in Granville sports. When the program was only a club sport, the team had made it to the finals, and unfortunately lost. Therefore with their success being a club team, Granville High School made lacrosse a school sport, and now their competition is much greater than the team experienced before.

This year, the team has faced rather tough teams, and have lost some games they should have won. The teams current record is 6-3, with a surprising loss to Gahanna Lincoln 7 to 5 early in the season. Yet the men’s lacrosse team did beat Columbus Academy 9 to 8, which Columbus Academy is commonly known for their successful men’s and women’s lacrosse teams.

Senior Austen Miller, the goalie and captain of the men’s lacrosse team said, “We are a very good team with lots of talent. We are 6-3 right now but could definitely be 7-2. Coach Taylor is a very good coach who can make this into a very competitive program in the future.”

The team is currently focusing on strengthening their defense to allow less goals. Most of these goals are uncontested shots meaning an offensive player is getting a free shot on the goal without any defenders in their way.

The team will play Bishop Fenwick next on Saturday April 30th, and the game will be home. Go out and support your fellow Blue Aces.