Justin Thompson elected student body president for next year


Anna Minton


Justin Thompson is the student body president for the 2016-2017 school year, after a competitive election campaign.

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Staff Photo by Anna Minton

“I’m very gracious to all of my voters,” said Thompson. “Their support means the world to me.”

Thompson plans creating more school spirit, and building a more welcoming environment at GHS.

“I intend to make them all proud and will do my best to make this school a better place,” said Thompson.  “My plan is to make people excited about being Blue Aces again. I imagine a more harmonious school.”

Thompson is grateful for all of the support he has received from the student body.

“To all those who didn’t vote for me, no hard feelings,” Thompson said.

Thompson beat out Daniel Brnjic, Hannah Keirnan, John Kim and Will Sharp for the position.

“I’d like to thank all my other candidates for running honorable campaigns,” said Thompson. “I hope to work with them all in the future.”

Below is the list of all class officers and student council representatives for the 2016-2017 school year.

Editor’s Note: Justin Thompson is a member of BluePrint’s staff




Student Body President:

Justin Thompson


Class of 2017 (Upcoming Seniors)

Class President:  Mackenzie Koester

CO Vice President:  Natalie Houser & Thomas Patton

Secretary:  Brendan Bittel

Treasurer:   Lilly Mattimoe


Student Council:

Teddy Parsley

Anna Minton

Olivia Bellofatto

Katie Bauman

Jordan Gummere

Katie Choice


Class of 2018 (Upcoming Juniors)

Class President: Nick Menster

Vice President:    Ethan Shaw

Secretary:   Nathaniel Carlson

Treasurer:   Megan Coffey

Prom President:   Kate Plaugher


Student Council:

Carly Pay

Makinley Cramer

Jack McGonagle

AJ Peterson

Melissa Murphy

Burke Abbott


Class of 2019  (upcoming Sophomores)

Class President:  Kristen Zehnal

Vice President:  Alex Rosenburg

Secretary:  Natalie Thompson

Treasurer:  Sydney Flora


Student Council:

Nate Stone

Ally Gilliam

Lauren Newkirk

Hannah Hartshorn

Patrick Steyn