An open letter to the vandal


Dear Vandal,

I’m sure you weren’t thinking it’d go this far when you wrote the anti-LGBT message on the stall of a restroom. I’m almost sad that you thought you’d get away with something so petty. Yet, here we are. I want to make something completely clear: we will never stop fighting for what we believe in. In all honesty, you’ve made us stronger. It’s people like you that keep this movement alive.

But, I feel sorry for you. Sorry that we live in a world where you feel the need to judge someone because they’re different from you. We’re not all that different. It’s important that someday you realize this. People are people no matter who they love, where their grandparents are from, or who they worship.That’s what we’re fighting for, basic human rights. People like you won’t stop us. You may make us afraid, you may beat us down,  but you will not stop our fight. I hope you realize that your hate has bounced off our armor. We will never stop fighting and one day we will win this fight. When we do, I’m glad to say I have been here fighting. And you, will be nothing but a forgotten chip in our steel.


Elena Fruechtnicht on behalf of the Empowered Students of GHS

Editor’s note: This letter was originally published on Darlings Corner