Coffee Culture: Highline Coffee Co.


Morgan Prachar


In the small historic town of Old Worthington a hole in the wall coffee shop is the perfect addition for the community. Highline Coffee Co. was placed in Highline (2)Worthington about five months ago by an individual who had dreams of opening a coffee shop and finally, her dream came true. Upon entering the first aspect we noticed was the size of the shop, there are two seats in front of windows which are perfect if it’s not busy and just want to enjoy a quick cup of coffee.

Old Worthington is a small historical part of the town with many boutiques, restaurants and shops to visit while strolling down the street. Much of my childhood was spent eating at Graeter’s ice cream outside with my family and dogs on warm summer days and strolling through the shops. Not only is old Worthington a very cute town, but also holds many memories.

When my mom and I entered we were quickly greeted by the owner, Christine. We took a moment to loHigh line croppedok at the menu, the menu consist of mostly coffee drinks but have a few tea lattes and a smoothie option. I ordered my usual chai latte with cinnamon coffee cake on the side (that my mother and I split) and my mom ordered a mocha.

The chai latte had a unique taste, it was still very delicious but had more of a spice to it than most. Along with the coffee cake, the cinnamon on both the chai and the cake complemented each other perfectly, the cake was the perfect texture and not dry at all. The sizes of the drinks are perfect if you need a small pick me up as well as the larger size which is perfect for sipping while catching up with friends or getting work done.

My mom’s mocha was topped off with a swirl of whipped cream that added a bit more sweetness to the beverage, it had more of a chocolaty taste, which could Highline croppedhave been part of the whipped cream melting in but hey, a little sweetness never hurt anyone. The mocha was very rich in taste and overall a great drink.Highline

Overall, if you find yourself in this part of town, try out the mocha or chai, both were very rich and go along perfectly with coffee cake on the side. While enjoying our beverage we just pulled the other chair over, both shared one of the tables and watched the community go by while relaxing inside in the warmth.

Highline Coffee Co. is the perfect place to get work done or grab a quick cup of joe. They have a pretty wide variety of drinks and pastries, as well as really approachable staff. A cute little  coffee shop in a cute town is the perfect combination and I highly recommend stopping in if you get the chance.