Mai Chau: A good reason to ‘Eat Viet’


Photo by Justin Thompson

Justin Thompson


It’s easy to fall into a predictable routine when it comes to where to eat downtown. However, an exciting new restaurant has opened its doors on Prospect Street and has quickly become a village hot spot.

Mai Chau is a “hipster haven” that caters to all kinds of patrons, from adventurous eaters to nervous newcomers.

When I went on Thursday night, I was quickly greeted by familiar faces behind the counter. Tom Petty blared through the speakers while I coincidentally donned my Petty concert t-shirt. I ordered a Banh Mi sandwich with pork belly and sat down to wait. The shiplap siding and the barn door, leading to an addition that is undergoing renovation, set this young restaurant apart from any other option in the village.

My sandwich came out quickly and I was pleased with what I saw. Cucumber slices, pickled carrots, and spicy mayo perfectly complimented the pork belly and, before I knew it, the entire sandwich was gone.
For an adventurous eater like me, Mai Chau falls right into my wheelhouse. Fortunately, they offer chicken and pork options for the more sheepish palates.

Overall, the laid-back vibe coupled with a tasty menu gives everyone a good reason to “Eat Viet.”