Coffee Culture: Erie Island Coffee Co


Morgan Prachar


While traveling to Cleveland one weekend for a dance convention, I was on a mission to find another cute coffee shop. My mom and I were recommended Erie Island Coffee Co. by hotel staff, as well as found it in the book full of restaurants around our hotel. Into the rainy streets of Cleveland we went to find this coffee File_000 (13)shop. Erie Island Coffee Co. is located on E. 4th St. on a pedestrian only street.

Erie Island Coffee Co. was first opened on Kelley’s island and grew quickly within the first year, in 2009 they opened up a location in Cleveland, which brings us to where we are today. This coffee shop reminded me of The Fox in the Snow cafe that we visited a while ago, because it had the clean, simple, modern feeling to it.  

File_003 (2)
The view seen when you first walk in

Upon entering,   the first thing I noticed was the layout of the store. It’s a fairly narrow building, although you don’t notice it as you’re enjoying your coffee, the two walls on the side are lined with tables as well as tables located in the windows of the entry way. There is abstract art lining the walls to look at while you are there and overall it is a very cozy place.

When we arrived at the counter the menu was written on a large sign with plenty of options to chose from. The menu ranges from a classic cup of coffee to lattes to green smoothies and everything in between. I ordered a regular chai, my mom got the frozen ivory mocha frappe and we both ordered a m&m cookie on the side. The sizes were a bit smaller than I was expecting because of the price, but it turned out to be the perfect amount for an after dinner treat.

I didn’t have to wait and let the chai cool, which is nice if you’re like me and are eager to begin enjoying your drink as well as the flavor was perfectly balanced between sweet and had a kick of the normal chai spice.

File_002 (2)
A few pieces of art that were featured at the time

I was excited to see what the ivory mocha tasted like since I have never heard of this before. Turns out an ivory mocha is just a white chocolate mocha and also another drink to add to my list of favorites. Sometimes mocha’s are too sweet to finish but this one was balanced well with the espresso and white chocolate, it simply tasted like a milkshake with a touch of espresso, but overall was wonderful.

Aside from coffee they had many food options to go along with your drink, we both ordered m&m cookies. The cookies were soft and melted in your mouth with each bite you took. I dipped a piece of it in my latte and the two went perfectly together.

Overall, I would highly recommend stopping into Erie Island Coffee Co. if you find yourself in Cleveland. The baristas were fast paced and friendly, the environment is very peaceful, especially on a rainy day, it is easy to find and, of course, their drink and food options were wonderful.