‘Eddie The Eagle’ soars into movie theaters

Eddie The Eagle soars into movie theaters

Gillian McCracken


Gillian: Wow, that movie was so inspirational.

Ashlyn: I know, it makes me want to go out and join the Olympics.

G: Me too. Eddie Edwards, played by Taron Egerton, did an amazing job of portraying the actual Eddie ‘The Eagle’. I loved how the movie started off with Eddie as a young child who struggled with knee problems and was forced to wear braces on his leg while growing up.

A: I liked that too, I also liked how his determination to be in the Olympics was always a dream of Eddie’s, it was really inspirational to see him living up to what he dreamed.

G: My favorite part of the movie is when Eddie left to go to Germany to compete for the ski jump in the Olympics, and he met Bronson Peary, played by Hugh Jackman, who was a retired ski jumper who was on an Olympic team.

A: That part was awesome, and then he helped train him and taught him how to land his jumps and improve his distance.

G: Yes, and then he could actually land some of his jumps! Then it was really disappointing when the British Olympian members changed the required distance up to 61 meters when it was originally 30 meters.

A: I know, that part made me so angry because they were only doing that so that Eddie could not go to the Olympics.

G: True. I don’t want to spoil the rest of the ending so everyone should go see this movie, it is definitely inspirational!