The 5 Creepiest Songs of All Time

The 5 Creepiest Songs of All Time

Madeline Walker


From the mildly creepy to the terrifically terrifying, there are some pretty scary songs out there. While some are subtle in their edginess, others have a more heads on approach. These are the 5 creepiest songs of all time.

  1. “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim

From the popular horror movie “Insidious” this seemingly happy song will give you the creepy crawlies. Tiny Tim’s shrill rendition is creepy at best and his disheveled hair and awkard eye contact don’t help much.

2) “Every Breath You Take” by The Police

This song by The Police is about a guy with stalker-like tendencies. The creepy lyrics reading, “I’ll be watching you” are enough to trigger paranoia. Sounds like a bit of an unhealthy relationship to me, steer clear folks.

3) “Baby it’s cold outside” by Frank Loesser

This Christmas classic was originally featured in “Neptune’s Daughter”, a musical romantic comedy released in 1949. This song has been a well known holiday tune for more than 50 years. However the beloved song has a creepier side. When you look into the lyrics of the song it tells the story of a girl trying to leave a man’s house and is forced to stay. Perhaps the worst part of this song is the lyric, “Say what’s in this drink?” Eluding to much darker ideas, this is not a song children should be singing.

4) “We Do What We’re Told” by Peter Gabriel

This song is made most creepy by the droning lyrics and eerie instrumentals. The mindless lyrics give off a weird Hunger Games- like vibe that aren’t very comforting.

5) “Ring Around the Rosie” by Unknown

This English nursery rhyme is perhaps one of the creepiest children’s songs of all time. This song has become synonymous with creepy kids in horror movies. The song was originally published across the pond in England and was inspired by the Black Plague. No matter what the context is, this song always gives me the heebee- jeebees.