Olivia’s Bookish World: fun read with real issues

Olivias Bookish World: fun read with real issues

Olivia Ebersole


Forbidden romance, hidden feelings and terrible secrets. All of this and more is included in the amazing Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

In a world of magic and mystery Armentrout created the Hematoi. The Hematoi are the offspring descended from Gods. Half-bloods are from a pure blood and a mortal while pure bloods are only from the Gods. Each group has special powers, but half bloods are oppressed by the pures.

The story’s main character, Alex, is a half blood and her story spans the entire five books. Jennifer does an amazing job with Alex’s character, allowing readers to easily connect to the sassy but sensitive girl. Alex is not perfect. She has her flaws and moments that make readers flinch and feel her embarrassment. This is what makes her so relatable and believable. Alex is hard not to love.  Throughout the series Alex becomes a stronger person and does everything to protect those she loves. As readers continue to read the novels their love for Alex increases.

The plot is very well done, with many twists and turns that keep one reading and guessing.  While the main plot seems original to the book with magic and gods and goddesses, Armentrout also addresses very real life issues. By using the half bloods and pures she brings to light bigotry and the terrible actions that prejudice can lead to. Readers think about real life issues and it opens their minds to the problems around them.

Armentrout’s writing is the perfect blend of dialogue and description keeping readers interested.  At the same time there is a perfect picture painted of each scene and character. Action is a constant throughout the novel keeping readers on the edge of their seat.  Twists and turns keep readers invested not only in the characters but in the plot itself.  This is a series where you will yell at the book and throw it across the room, in a good way, of course.

The characters in the novel are perfectly written; none of them are completely evil or good. Each character is perfectly flawed. It allows readers to understand there is no solid line that divides good and evil. Every person is capable of both.

A love between Alex and her trainer Aiden brings the story a forbidden romance. The love between the two is a true love and readers witness what it means to love your best friend. The relationship between the two is fun and real, but never perfect.

Other characters bring sarcasm and humor, and examples of what love between friends can really mean.  Each character has a connection to the other and Armentrout brings out emotion in readers by allowing the reader time to connect personally with every character. Readers fully dive into the Hematoi world and never want to leave.

Overall Armentrout’s Covenant series is a stand out in the young adult world with great character development, plot and real life issues.  The series starts with “Half-Blood” and I highly recommend picking it up for lovers of action, fantasy, romance, mystery and a great read.