First Person: Eight things baton has taught me



Olivia Ebersole


Rhinestones, hairspray and hard work.  Those are just a few ingredients to becoming a twirler.

I have been twirling around eight years, so twirling has been a part of growing up and learning to be the person I am today.

1. Responsibility

As I get older and realize college and taxes are creeping up behind me, I have never been more grateful for twirling. Practicing by myself everyday forces me to take responsibility for my mistakes and allows me to take credit for my successes. Twirling has taught me that in order to grow as a person I have to take responsibility, and understand what it means to be in control.

2. Social Skills

As a twirler I have been an ambassador for my school, and have meet people from around the country at Nationals. I have had to participate in interviews during competitions and tryouts for college. Speaking to so many people has allowed me to increase my social skills and feel comfortable when talking to other people. I feel confident when meeting new people and am ready for interviews for college and jobs.

3. Determination

I have gone from a beginner twirler to an advanced twirler over the years and the way I got there was hard work and determination.  Practicing everyday increased my determination to catch that trick, to do one more, to finish no matter what. This sense of determination has flowed over into everyday life and allowed me to complete many tasks with a steel will.

4. Ability to be studious

That great sense of determination from baton has transferred into my school work. Thanks to baton it is easier to complete my school work and has helped me become a hard working student. Responsibility from twirling has taught me that to be successful in life I must cross over hard work from one activity to another, which can open up my mind to ideas for school work.

5. Teamwork

In twirling I have competed as an individual, with a group and in a duet. Each of these experiences taught me that teamwork can mean the world to someone. To be able to work well with someone you must be compassionate and understanding but also willing to work hard. Working with others has given me teamwork experience to cross into school and work.

6. Loyalty

Teamwork goes hand in hand with loyalty. In twirling, as any other sport, one gains a sense of loyalty to those around them, and one can feel and understand just how great it is to have a friend be loyal to them. Loyalty from baton has taught me to appreciate those around me and the connections formed from twirling.

7. Empathy

Twirling has given me great world experience from meeting many people and participating in many types of performances. Being allowed to talk to so many people, and learning about each person has given me empathy. I can relate and understand so many more people thanks to twirling, which in turn allows me to understand myself more.

8. Creativity

In twirling I have many routines, one which is called rhythmic, a routine where I twirl to my own music and create a story. My coach allows me to help create this routine which opens my mind up to many ideas. My sense of creativity in baton and in schoolwork has increased thanks to my coach and the opportunity to watch so many other people perform.

Twirling will always stay with me, no matter where I go in life. Even after I stop twirling the lessons are forever.