Coffee Culture: Hot Spot coffee house


Morgan Prachar


On a sunny Sunday morning there’s nothing better than going out to find the perfect cup of coffee. Hot Spot coffee house was Macey and I’s newest destination for our coffee shop adventures, Hot spot is located right inside Johnstown making it about twenty minutes away. The drive there was fairly easy and also brought back fun memories as we passed ragamuffins coffee shop since it was our first coffee shop we tried in our adventure to find the perfect coffee shop.

Hot Spot is in a little house right on Coshocton St with a parking lot right behind it. Upon entering you walk right up to the counter which is lined with fairy lights and Saint Patrick’s day garland for a nice festive touch in the month of File_000 (9)March. The walls are all painted with bright colors and plenty of natural light beams through the windows, all of these aspects make the coffee house a very fun and positive environment.  

Since this was a sweet taste of spring weather I decided it would be fun to take a break from hot drinks and order a frozen hot spot mocha. The Hot Spot mocha is File_003 (1)a coffee house special, which are sometimes the best drinks to order since they are unique to that location. We both ordered the regular size which was about an average size for a large, but also the perfect size for a nice morning pick up.


The hot spot mocha is a white mocha with caramel swirls, although I’m not always a huge caramel fan it added a nice, sweet touch to the drink. I would recommend this drink to anyone who wants a bit of sweetness in their day.  Since they have both a hot and frozen option for this drink it’s the perfect drink to sip next to a fire or sit outside on a warm summer day.

Macey also ordered a specialty drink that was out of her comfort zone, she ordered the chocolate covered strawberry mocha. With all theFile_001 (1) coffee houses I’ve tried out, I’ve never seen a drink like this which is super unique and adds to the specialty of Hot spot. She felt that the flavors in the drink were balanced well, and that she really enjoyed it.

For it being a Sunday morning I expected it to be very busy but because of the multiple seating rooms it did not seem very busy or crowded. Each room had multiple places to sit as well as different options to chose from, like couches, comfy chairs, as well as your typical tables and chairs. This is the perfect place to take a few friends, grab some coffee and study for exams, or even just go to catch up on with each other.

Overall there was nothing I could find that altered my fantastic experience, the prices were average for a coffee house and their hours are pretty easy to work around. I definitely could see myself stopping here again and would recommend it to anyone who wants a happy, cute environment to enjoy their coffee.