Laughter fills the theater while watching ‘How to be Single’


Ashlyn Brockway


This movie was rated R.
Gillian: Uh wow, that movie was very interesting…
Ashlyn: I would have to say the same thing, but Rebel Wilson, others refer to her as “Fat Amy” was hilarious in the movie.
G: There were a lot of actors who are very popular in this movie.
A: Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, has a perfect life, and a perfect boyfriend, but she realizes she doesn’t know what she’s actually like when she’s not with someone else. When she broke up with Josh, I was kind of shocked.
G: I was really shocked by that, but then she got that job with Robin (Rebel Wilson) and I think that’s when the show took off and became hysterical.
A: My favorite part in the movie would have to be towards the beginning, when Alice and Robin went to that bar as single women and Alice completely embarrassed herself in front of everyone. She tried to flirt with these guys and it went horribly.
G: That was so funny. I also like how Robin tries to help Alice throughout the whole movie to try to find herself and live life to the fullest.
A: I honestly couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole movie, I liked the part where Robin just goes to bars and acts completely insane.
G: Those parts are always fun to watch, I also like when Alice meets this one guy named David at a speed dating site almost, I think they would make a very cute couple and he’s really good looking.
A: That’s true, but let’s not give anything else away about that topic, the readers will have to watch the movie themselves and see who everyone ends up with.
G: The last thing I want to say is this movie has a very nice ending, and not one that we expected necessarily.
A: Everyone go watch this hilarious movie. You won’t regret it.