America is in need of Donald Trump

Daniel Brnjic


Today America finds herself a country in premature decline like the great societies of the past. Unlike the Greeks and the Romans, our brightest days are yet to come and America has an opportunity to rise from the ashes led by President Trump.

After eight years of timid negotiation and inadequate show of force, America is finding herself being challenged by other countries like China, Russia and Iran.  Our leaders and citizens mocked abroad for being weak.  At home are people are divided by political correctness and party lines.  Hatred for our police, our flag and our individualism is on the rise as we finally level off from the Great Recession.

Freedom of the individual has been more assured here than anywhere else.  Donald Trump is the political outsider who can save our nation.  A man whose fortune is based off of negotiation can reach across party lines to make Congress pass bills and get work done.  A man who is blunt and places principle above public opinion, Donald Trump is not running for office to gain power, influence or seek a fortune because he already has all that.  Trump sees a problem in this nation that he can fix. Trump can keep China in check, allow our free market to flourish by eliminating restrictions on business and create a new flat tax.

The time has come for a leader guided by principle to take charge and forcefully, as well as diplomatically, usher America back on the pedestal where she belongs.  We are facing more threats than ever before from the maniac in North Korea to the cowards known as the Islamic State (ISIS); we are in danger.  Far left wing politicians like Bernie Sanders believe in appeasement. They say that America is better of minding its own business.  They crave world peace.  In reality the only way to achieve “peace” is to surrender our values and individualism to our enemies. Donald Trump is the leader who will crush those who threaten his nation.

Too many have sacrificed for this nation for America to fade away into the weak socialist society that Bernie Sanders has preached.  His message sounds good to young people who tend to be financially stable, and in college.  These young people have never held a job or tried to raise a family.  Most have never paid taxes yet they want higher taxes. It seems until the Sanders supports gain actual responsibility they will continue to loath in the far left fantasy of Americans holding hands around a campfire oblivious to the world as they share “medicinal” cannabis.