‘Bet you didn’t know’ the newest yearbook updates


Morgan Prachar


Yearbooks have been around for many years to recap the school year. This year’s yearbook staff has plenty in store for this year’s edition. The theme is “bet you didn’t know” which will focus on  fun facts about Granville that most people do not know about.

This edition is being published through a different publisher and a new software has been used to format the pages. The staff hopes this will produce a better yearbook than years past.

Along with adding finishing touches, the staff is recruiting new members for the 2016-2017 school year.

“It seems a lot students have signed up without being recruited.” Henderson said. “It sounds like we are going to have hard choices to make for next year’s staff.”

Only 18 to 20 students are on staff due to the need to use computers almost everyday.

Yearbook students had the opportunity to attend an all day workshop at Otterbein University, which was a new experience that has not been available in the past. This excursion is in addition to the summer yearbook camp they attend over the summer.

Yearbooks are now available to purchase. To order a yearbook students can bring a check made out to “Blue and White” to Mrs. Henderson (Room 199). Students can come before or after school or during sixth period. There is also the chance to  pay for it by going online to “Pay for It” which is connected to the district website.