Cross country takeover at States


This weekend the Aces made history.

After practicing almost every day since the beginning of the summer the two teams were fully prepared to compete at the state meet.

Although a cold and rainy day, the runners all knew what they had to do. They were on a mission. Both teams knew that they had a chance to be the champions.

The girls’ team was up first, and they were behind until the last leg of the race where they kicked it in to high gear and came out victorious over Lexington. They were state champs for the second time in Granville history by 1 point only. The last state championship by any sports team in Granville was in 1996 by the golf team.

With a wide range of runners placing junior Micaela DeGenero was first followed by senior Claire Lamb and freshman Kylee McFarland. Although these three runners placed high in the race the whole team was involved in acquiring the first-place finish. The team edged out Lexington by less than half a second.

The boys’ team came in sixth place with a strong finish. They competed very fiercely, and their sixth place finish is a direct influence of that. The male competitors did a great job in the state competition and will continue to do big things with upcoming runners.