Five high school teachers announce pregnancies


Carsten Savage


As winter begins to come to a close, expecting teachers Karly Worrall, Judith Henderson, Elizabeth Muhlenkamp, Meghan Strayer and Emily Moon are growing excited as they anticipate both a bright spring and a new baby. Although some of them have already experienced motherhood and know what to expect, the months ahead will prove to be a thrilling, challenging and educational experience for each one.

As a seasoned mother, health teacher Karly Worrall is prepared for her new baby.

“Since this will be our second child,” she said, “we have all of the essential items ready to go.”

Worrall’s experience taking care of her first baby has not made her confident, however, but has instead made her aware that caring for her second will not be a cakewalk.

Worrall foretold that “it will be lots of sleepless nights.” The baby is already starting to make its presence known; Worrall is already feeling “flutters” on her stomach, and she guesses that these “will turn into kicks during the next few weeks.”

While pregnancy is a strenuous journey, Worrall is much aware of pregnancy’s benefits.

“I have enjoyed many frozen treats like Frosty’s, ice cream and milkshakes,” she said.

World Studies teacher Elizabeth Muhlenkamp and English teacher Judith Henderson are also feeling the movements of their baby girls.

“She’s a mover and a shaker,” Muhlenkamp said. Whether this has something to do with the sheer amount of folic acid in the orange juice and cuties she has developed a craving for, though, is a mystery.

According to Henderson, who fancies sweet foods during pregnancy, her baby “moves all the time.”

“I can even see her moving,” she said.

Like Worrall, Muhlenkamp has already prepared the baby’s arrangements. Yet she still knows that caring after her newest will be just as demanding as ever.

“She will be a huge pain in the butt,” Muhlenkamp presaged. “I expect her to be high maintenance.”

For both new and experienced mothers, pregnancy is a thrilling period filled with moments that, although sometimes arduous, can be remembered for years to come. To expect a child is to bake a cake; while it can induce nervousness and makes the baker impatient, everyone will agree that the work and time it required paid off.