Wrestling coach pins down sportsmanship award

Wrestling coach pins down sportsmanship award

Olivia Ebersole


Jokester math teacher and wrestling coach recently was awarded with a great honor. Mr.Bright won the Sportsmanship Coach of the Year award for the second time.

This award comes from a nomination from an official in the central district of Ohio. The officials then discuss the nominations and vote on them. This award is given to a coach who they believe demonstrates true sportsmanship.

“It’s just nice to be recognized from their perspective,” said Bright.

Mr. Bright has been a wrestling coach for around 27 years and has coached many sports along with it.

“My favorite part [of coaching] is watching and helping somebody, an athlete that’s committed, develop, set their goals, helping them understand what it takes to really make the sacrifices striving to reach those goals,” Bright said. “To see them grow as an individual and what they become; that’s probably the most satisfying thing.”

Earning this award in wrestling can be seen as one of the greatest honors because in wrestling if competitor or coach says anything, the official can catch it since everyone is so close to each other.

“One of the things about the sport of wrestling is that the officials are right there with the competitors,” Bright explained.

This award also had a personal meaning for Bright.

“My dad was a teacher and a coach for many years,” said Bright. “One of the things that this award means to me is that I think I carry on some of the things that I know my dad taught me.”

Being a coach and a teacher allows Mr. Bright to cross over his successful people skills.

“To me teaching and coaching are the same.  The techniques that I use with athletes is very similar to what I use in the classroom.”

Mr. Bright’s coaching and teaching cross paths and allow him to put his all into both professions.