Symphonic choir steps up for competition


Madeline Walker


As the high school choir prepares for their large group competition in early March, the Symphonic choir is hard at work rising to a new challenge. For the first time in GHS history, the Symphonic choir will compete in the class AA category.

The OMEA event allows schools to compete in a range of categories, the most amateur of these being Class C and Class AA being the most advanced.

“Our women’s choir has always competed in the AA category. Our men’s choir typically competes in class A,” Choral Director Mrs. Kristin Syder explained. “This year we have a particularly talented group of senior men and it was their idea to take the Symphonic choir up a notch.”

The switch has not come without struggle.

“The songs we are singing in choir are pretty tricky right now, but we’ve been working hard and they’re starting to come together,” Symphonic member Celsey Argyle commented. “I’m proud of our class and the work we’ve put in. We are lucky to have a teacher who cares about us and works hard to help us sound the best we can, Mrs. Snyder is doing a great job.”

The Symphonic choir will preform before judges on Saturday, March 5 and are hoping to score superior ratings.