Aces prepare for playoffs


The football team has fought to the teeth in the last ten games they have played this season. With outstanding guts and grit, they have emerged victorious in eight of these match ups.

The two loses came to Johnstown in overtime with a score of 24-21, and Licking Valley with a score of 24-17. Many injuries have affected the team this year and the adversity they have faced would seem overwhelming to others. But they have adjusted as a team to get work done, making changes where they were needed.

With the number of underclassmen that have started for the Blue Aces, they have performed well. Senior running back Trevor Steyn had nothing but good words for the underclassmen.

“They’ve stepped up into a position we needed them to in order to win,” Steyn said.

The Blue Aces will be playing their first playoff game of the season against the 10-0 Athens Bulldogs. Many are considering Granville to be the underdog considering the kind of season that Athens has been having. Their quarter back Joe Burrow, is an Ohio State commit, but the Blue Aces aren’t letting that intimidate them.

“I feel like we’re going into this game like we were going into the season, as underdogs,” Steyn said. “I feel confident that we will play well. We let the doubters fuel the fire!”

“We know the challenge that is in front of us, and we will take it on like we have all other challenges that we have faced this season: head on, eyes wide open, all together,” Coach JR Wait said. “We will have to play our best to have a shot to win, and I know that our players and coaches are looking forward to it.

The entire village of Granville holds their breath anxiously as they see if their beloved football team will be able to win its first playoff game ever. The football team can guarantee one thing, and that’s that they have the entire school and village on their side. Game time is 7:30pm at Athens on Friday.