Coffee Culture: Fox in the Snow Cafe


Morgan Prachar


While scrolling through Facebook one day I came across a page that had listed the best coffee shops in Ohio, Fox in the Snow Cafe was one the page insisted anyone in Ohio try out. After reading this Macey and I found ourselves on yet another coffee adventure.

The coffee shop is located on 4th street in downtown Columbus, it doesn’t quite jump out at you but if you see a building with a white jumping fox painted on the front, you’ve found yourself the Fox in the Snow Cafe. They have a parking lot at the site but since this is a very popular place it was full. Luckily it was a super nice day and we didn’t mind walking a bit so we parked right around the corner.

Upon entering we noticed how busy it was, but it being a Saturday morning we File_005expected nothing less. The line moves very quickly since the workers have iPads to take orders as you are waiting so they can get you your drink as soon as possible. After ordering Macey and I found a table, although it was busy we had no issues finding one, they have tables in many different sizes which is nice if you wanted to get a group of people to go to coffee.

On each table there is a large glass bottle of water and cups for the guest to be able to easily get a cup of water without having to wait in line to ask for one.There is also outdoor seating in the warmer months but indoor there is plenty of windows to let the warm sunlight in.

The menu has all of your basics and normal drinks but no special flavors to add. Along with your normal drinks like cappuccinos, mochas, lattes and basic coffee they also had drinks like orange juice, hot chocolate,tea and coke, which is nice for non-coffee drinkers. They had a very wide variety of pastries to enjoy with your coffee.File_003

I ordered a mocha to start my day with a little caffeine and a cinnamon roll. Although the drinks do not have specific sizes my mocha was almost too much for me to finish but the drink itself tasted lovely. There was more of an espresso taste then the chocolate in it but I don’t mind a different taste to mix it up every once in awhile.File_000 (1)

The cinnamon roll was enough to fill me up until almost dinner time but overall it was very good. Of course the latte art was an added bonus as always.  Macey just got orange juice and a hand pie and enjoyed both very much.

Due to the location, Fox in the Snow Cafe is the perfect place to stop if you wanted to spend an afternoon shopping and looking around the short north. Overall I would highly recommend stopping in to the cafe for delicious treats, a nice cup of coffee and just to see the unique building.