‘The Fifth Wave’ crashes into movie theaters


Ashlyn Brockway


Ashlyn: The movie started off very confusing, honestly; I was confused of the first five minutes probably.

Gillian: That’s because it fast forward to show us a clip after some of the “waves” had already hit, and then went back to show the background of what was happening.

A: To anyone who doesn’t know what “waves” are, they are different obstacles that hit Earth to try to kill the last of the people still alive on earth.

G: It was so action packed, the first wave was when there was a huge ship that flew above the Earth and wiped out everyone’s technology, including cars and fresh water.

A: Yeah that wave was crazy, but I think the scariest part was when the river overflowed and wiped out so many people, especially the states that were right by the ocean, because the wave that we saw was enormous.

G: I think all of the different types of “waves” that hit Earth were all very interesting.

A: I’m glad that Cassie (the main character) was rescued by Evan Walker when she was shot, because he is crazy talented when it comes to fighting.

G: Not to mention he is good looking. I think they would make a cute couple. Except when he tells Cassie what he really is…

A: That’s true, but we find out at the end that he really doesn’t mean to harm anyone, especially Cassie.

G: Oh, I think the craziest part was when all those kids are forced to join the army and fight.

A: That’s true, but let’s not give anything away about that part.

G: Everyone should go out and see this movie. You will be very surprised and shocked about how the movie ends, and hopefully they make a second movie.

A: Everyone go watch it now. It was a great movie!