New Hampshire primary reveals that Americans like Trump, want change


Daniel Brnjic


After the New Hampshire primary two things are very clear: Donald Trump is a serious candidate, and people are tired of the political establishment in America.

Donald Trump won New Hampshire by 20% over the second place Republican John Kasich. Since announcing his candidacy this summer most have considered Trump to be a joke. Now after Iowa and New Hampshire the Republican field has thinned exponentially. New Jersey Governor Chris Christy and Carly Fiorina both dropped out of the race just one day after New Hampshire. With the Field thinning and gaining delegates Donald Trump is barreling down on the American people as the “Trump train” seems to be carrying on.

Bernie Sanders dominated Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, which is not a surprise because it borders Sanders’ home state of Vermont. Nonetheless winning by more than 20% does put pressure on Clinton to perform better in primary states. Clinton is feeling pressure from the American people who are carving change. Bernie Sanders who is a radical Democrat on the far left of the spectrum does represent a new movement in America to bring change to Washington D.C. Although it is seemingly impossible for a socialist to ever win a nomination in the general election, it does show how the average American is ready for change.

With South Carolina up next, only time will tell the history that will be made November 4.