‘The Pink Panther Strikes Again’ an all-around fun experience


Daniel Brnjic


From the opening seconds, senior John Ball had crowds laughing as he fumbled his way over the crowd making his way to the stage. “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” is a comedic play based off of “The Pink Panther” movie.  Full of comedic action and humor with fulfilling plot, this play packed the theater full of people when it opened February 5.  With Inspector Jacques Clouseau  trying to save the world from destruction, this show is an all-around fun experience that should make the drama department proud.

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The drama department put on a fantastic show of the relatively well-known play.  From  the crew to the actors it was no secret that every member involved enjoyed every minute of participating in the play. The actors were full of passion and prepared very well for their roles.

“It was a great time,” said sophomore Kate Plaugher. “We had tremendous group of people who all cared about their work, but we also made sure we had fun. I am very glad to have been able to put on a play with such great people.”

The Pink Panther Strikes Again entertained crowds with witty dialogue along with  seniors John Ball and Ben Bressoud wrestling around on stage and chasing each other around the theater.  The Pink Panther Strikes Again was a well put together play with committed cast and crew members who should be proud of their work. Hopefully they continue doing such a tremendous job for the spring performance that is just around the corner.