Grace’s Space: Crafting our love for Valentines Day


Grace Montgomery


With Valentine’s day just around the corner I decided to do my third installation of my DIY column. Valentine’s Day is the day in the year where we reflect on our love and relationships that we have forged. We look back at the memories that made us laugh, cry and fill us to the brink with joy. One way to show your affection is to give a card. While I was doing these projects, I started to reminisce on those days in Elementary school where I would craft my shoe box and excitedly wait for the Valentine’s Day party at the end of the day. Receiving cards from my classmates made me feel valued and loved, so to reciprocate this tradition, especially in the dawn of texting and social media, we are going to throw it back with crafting some homemade cards.

Lets start with some super easy ones.

Now if your not in a relationship then giving some funny valentines is always a great way to show your love for your friends.

One of my personal favorites is this one: v day card

This is courtesy of this wonderful artisan on Etsy, essentially the DIY version of Amazon, named diamonddonatello.

Simply take a stock photo of an elderly person and paste it onto a piece of paper with this great line. Your life will certainly feel alert with this valentine.

Another favorite of mine by Diamonddonatello is this Kanye West card. We all have seen Kanye rise to fame even more this year by his pronounced love for himself, so by saying you love yourself as much Kanye loves Kanye that is a big statement. This could be the relationship changer for you and your friend.

Now instead of having to pay the 8 dollars plus shipping, what I did was I simply cut out these two pics and put them on a plain sheet of paper.

kanye 2kanye
You made the prettiest card in the school because as we know Kanye is a “photographers dream.”

Okay now to get a little mFullSizeRenderore creative here are the other two I made.

This one incorporates a gift into the card by saying Being your friend makes me burst with joy. Of course there has to be a pun involved in any valentine you give, and I liked this one because it differs from everyone else. By including the bubbles, your love with last longer than a piece of candy you eat that same day. Each time a blow a bubble you will be reminded of your friendship with that other person.

All I did was get some bubbles that were about a dollar at the drug store and then I just taped it in the back.


My last card is also a play on words but this one is even more DIY inspired.



Friendship bracelets are the epitome of love. Not only is it a nice bracelet to show off, it is a sign of affirmation for your friendship. Just like the string weaved together, your hearts are bonded to each other, hopefully, for eternity (or as long as the bracelet lasts).IMG_1708


Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!