Flashback Friday Featuring Jack Beighley

by Kaeli Frahn and Emily Pitcher (’15)

As Jack Beighley was growing up, his three uncles all had art degrees, and being around them a lot, he would see them drawing, and was inspired by them, and began drawing himself.

“I thought it would be fun to learn,” he said.

Beighley enjoys being able to show people his thoughts, and he says “beyond that, it’s a very relaxing activity.”

At just 5 years old, Beighley began taking art lessons under Jim Atwood, who ultimately taught Jack how to draw.

“I took lessons until I was 13 and moved to Granville,” Beighley said. I visited him every summer and on Christmas until he passed away last year.”

When Beighley was very young, just around five years old, he saw his favorite piece of artwork, when he went to a Dale Chihuly exhibit.

“Chihuly makes giant sculptures out of twisting blown glass pieces and I’ve always thought those were mind blowing.”

His favorite piece of artwork is an elephant he made when he was just 7 years old.

“It was bright yellow and I laugh every time I see it.”

Everyday Beighley works on improving his artwork.

“I draw a lot in my sketchbook and on notes and I try to make bigger projects often.”

Beighley participated in classes with Atwood for a long time.

“I’ve taken art classes in school as well as taking, and helping teach, classes at GSVA.”

“I try to do realism. Making drawings look as close to the real thing as possible. I also draw in a comic book style as well as a similar style as traditional tattoo flash art. I try everything but I do not like abstract drawings.”

Beighley usually uses materials such as pencils but he enjoys using pen and ink a lot.

“I try to do everything but I struggle with painting.”