Coffee culture: Ragamuffins Coffee House


Morgan Prachar


School and work can be stressful and sometimes a nice coffee break is all someone may need. To start the four day weekend off right my friend Macey Boring and I hopped in the car in search of a nice little coffee shop, Ragamuffins Coffee House was recommended by a friend, so we decided to test it out.

"Ragamuffin? More like A Good- A- Muffin" -Macey Boring
“Ragamuffin? More like A Good- A- Muffin” -Macey Boring

Ragamuffins Coffee House is located in the quaint town of Alexandria, which is about 15 minutes outside of Granville, once you get off the highway the coffee house is very easy to find. Upon entering we were nicely greeted by the workers and began searching the menu for the perfect drink, They have a wide variety on their menu starting with your typical cup of coffee, to your mochas, smoothies that are made with the fruits of your choice and protein powder if you would like that as well, and many more drink options. Not only did they serve drinks but also sandwiches, cookies and protein bars, and a few other food options.

I asked the barista’s opinion on the best drink they serve and he recommended the Buckeye Mocha,  A mocha is espresso mixed with steamed milk and chocolate. The buckeye mocha was very delicious and rich, it had just the right balance of flavors and was perfect for those who just want a nice sweet drink with a kick of caffeine.

Macey, who is not a fan of coffee tested out the non coffee options and ordered a strawberry-banana smoothie. “The strawberry- banana smoothie was really good” Macey said, ” It had a nice balance of strawberry and banana flavor.”

The music playing in a coffee shop can often make the experience even better, as someone who enjoys acoustic music, Ragamuffins chose a very good playlist to play. Many times I may not even know the songs playing, but having that soft music in the background makes some coffee shop visits very calming and stress relieving.  This is definitely a place I could go work on homework or have a nice time catching up with friends.

Overall, starting off my search for cute coffee shops with a visit to Ragamuffins was a very pleasant choice, it was not crowded, the workers were very sweet, made sure your drink was made exactly the way you wanted it and their prices are similar to any other coffee shop. During the winter sitting in a cozy coffee shop is one of my favorite things to do and I could definitely see myself back at Ragamuffins, enjoying another warm cup of coffee.