Alabama faces Clemson for the title


Hunter Brown


On January 11th, Clemson and Alabama will battle to see which team is the best. Clemson has an undefeated record right now, and Alabama looks to change that. Coach Dabo Swinney from Clemson is ready to take on Coach Nick Saban from Alabama.

The keys in this game for Alabama include their ability to run the ball, and their lock down defense. Derrick Henry, the 2015 Heisman trophy winner, will have a huge role running the ball, and Alabama’s offensive line will have to make time for Jacob Coker to read the defense, and throw the ball. Alabama’s defensive line has proven that they can shut down offenses, especially in the Michigan State, Alabama game, where Alabama’s defense shut out Michigan State. It will be tough for Clemson to deal with this team.

Keys for Clemson will include their pass game, and their solid defense. Deshaun Watson is a very agile quarterback, rolling out of pocket, and looking for his receivers in the open field. Artavis Scott is Watson’s favorite target, and will be looking for him. Then Clemson’s defense has been solid all year. They have allowed opponents to stay with them, but when plays needed to be made, they were.

All in all, I believe Alabama will come out with the win. Alabama crushed Michigan State in the semi-finals, while Clemson struggled with Oklahoma; and all season, Clemson had barely won against opponents that were not good. Although Clemson has been able to show up for games in the past many times, and have beaten many top 10 ranked opponents. Alabama on the other hand has tons of experience being in big games like this one recording fifth-teen national titles. I am personally rooting for Clemson in this game, but I believe that Alabama will win this game.

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