Band enjoys sweet success at the Peach Bowl


Daniel Brnjic


The band traveled down to Atlanta, Georgia to perform at the Peach Bowl over winter break. After their return from Atlanta the members of the band did nothing but rave about their wonderful experience at the Peach Bowl. The long road trip down to Atlanta, Georgia was full of fun, excitement and memories that the band students will have forever. For all the members, especially the seniors, this trip was the culmination of hard work that the band began this summer. Along with the Granville band there were also fifteen marching bands from nine other states. As a result, there was a competition to score a top rating from national judges.

“The trip began with adversity as we did not get to rehearse due to traffic so we were going to preform cold,” said band director, Mr. Smith.

Nonetheless the band still had a performance to give so they woke up the day of the Peach Bowl ready to go. The parade, along with being a showcase for their abilities, would also be a test that they would be graded on.

“The parade was very festive,” said junior Chad Davis. “People lined the streets as we marched. It was a real blast.”

Along with the parade the band was to play the National Anthem to kick off the game between Houston and Florida State.

“It was really cool being the center of attention and taking in all the aspects of the game,” Davis said.

The midday football game did make for a long day for the band.

“We woke up at like four in the morning,” junior Chris Crumm said. “We all had breakfast and we still were half asleep when it was time to leave for the Georgia Dome. The parade was my favorite part of the performance. It was just nice and easy walking in a straight line and playing fun songs.”

After Houston won the game the day was only partly over. Being New Year’s Eve the band still had a celebration ahead of them as well as a concert band performance and awards ceremony for their performances.

“The awards ceremony was very nice,” Davis said. “We all dressed up and were treated to good food and table service.”

The band  won first place and gold awards in every category except for marching, where they earned second place.

“My highlight for the trip was watching the faces of the students as the grades on our performance were announced,” said Smith. “We did not get a rehearsal, so we had to do it cold. Most of the students, especially the seniors, were down on themselves for what they called a bad performance.”

The band headed for home on New Year’s day with new pieces of hardware to display and a whole treasure trove of memories that they will have forever.

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