Ugly sweaters bring holiday spirit


Olivia Ebersole


Every year when December comes around, Christmas decorations start popping up.  Lights go up, the presents go under the tree, stockings are hung and ugly sweaters are worn.

Wait.  Ugly sweaters? Why would people be putting on ugly sweaters during the most wonderful time of the year?

Students in every grade jump for joy when Ugly Sweater Day comes around.  In fact, it is hard to find a student who dislikes the day.

Senior Avery Bednarski loves ugly sweaters. “I think they should be allowed 365 days a year,” she joked.

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Ugly sweaters bring the festive cheer to our school and get everyone excited for the Holiday break.  This year our school decided that ugly sweater day would be the last day before semester exams and on the same day of Lids for Lou in which kids can wear hats for a dollar to go to the Louis Wood Foundation. Including the ugly sweater day with Lids for Lou was a great way to bring everyone together.

“I haven’t had an ugly sweater in years.  I am so excited for it I went out and bought an ugly sweater this year,” Mrs. Cramer said. “It coincides with Lids for Lou.  So it’ll be a fun day for everyone.”

Other students love getting to wear ugly sweaters just to feel comfortable.

Freshman Elena Fruechtnicht said she loves Ugly Sweater Day.

“For once everyone looks as horrible as I do,” she said.

Ugly Sweater Day gives students confidence to wear what they want and give everyone a good laugh.

“Ugly sweaters brighten my day because I get to laugh at other people’s misfortune,” said senior Jake Vanmeter.

There are the few Scrooges out there of course.

Nick Villiers, senior, only responded with one word when asked what he thought of ugly sweaters, “Tacky.”

Although this may be more of a grudge against the sweaters themselves and not the holiday cheer they bring.

While some students get a kick out of the ugly sweaters, others feel hurt by calling the sweaters ugly.

A junior who wishes to remain nameless said, “I don’t understand why people call them ugly, they’re very festive.”

Rachel McLaughlin had a similar opinion.

“I don’t like ugly sweater day because sometimes sweaters that are considered ugly are tasteful in my book,” she said.

So how does one know what to wear on Ugly Sweater Day? Check out the sweaters below to find out.

Ugly sweaters bring a festive feeling to not only our school but our households.  Kennedy Thompson, senior, believes everyone should wear ugly sweaters because grandmas love ugly sweaters.

“By wearing one you’re keeping a piece of them with you,” Thompson said.

Of course, there’s just that something about ugly sweaters, according to senior Madeline Rogers.

“It’s like Beauty and the Beast,” Rogers said. ” The beast is ugly, but we still love him.” Ugly holiday sweaters give everyone a laugh, a topic for conversation and the feeling of holiday spirit that brings the school together.