The Granville student section is a tradition


Daniel Brnjic


From freezing state championships to stuffy gyms there is always room for a conglomerate of screaming Granville students. The student section is known for the creative themes and refusal to be quiet that many Granville students look forward to on a weekly basis. No matter the sport, if there is a big home game then the student section will be there.

With themes varying from Hawaiian to hipster it is always fresh and exciting for students to come together and rejoice in the experience of being a Granville student.  From the bottom bleacher all the way up to the top. The student section is a rare place where everyone; seniors to freshmen can talk, be together and intermingle.

“I love the student section,” said Austen Miller. “With this being my senior year I need to cherish this, because I know I will miss it when I’m gone,”

The student section at Granville is rare, because along with being a social gathering it does serve a purpose. From messing with opposing teams to correcting referees when they make unpopular calls, the student section is an invaluable tool for athletes to be inspired by. With an appreciation for all school sports the student sections will yell and root until the final seconds.

“The student section is a vibrant atmosphere that is never dull,” said John Purnode.

The student section is undoubtedly a tradition. The reins passed down by one senior class to the next. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it is up to following groups of inspired students to maintain the tradition and pride that goes along with being a blue ace.