‘Mockingjay’ soars over all of their movies


Ashlyn Brockway


Tune in with us this week while we review our thoughts on the movie, Mocking Jay, which is part of the series The Hunger Games!

Gillian: I believe that was the best hunger games movie that they have produced honestly.
Ashlyn: Uh, I don’t know really why would you say that Mocking Jay would be your favorite?
G: Because it had so much action and they acting started the revolution and the capital does crazy things to try and kill some of them, and succeeds on a few of their lives. I think the whole thing with Peta thinking she’s the enemy is crazy in the beginning.
A: It makes me madder than anything because I like Peta and Katniss together so watching him getting angry because the capital manipulated him is frustrating. But the part where they are all underground and those monsters were attacking them made me jump out of my seat a few times lol.
G: I’m more of a Katniss and Gale fan honestly, but after the ending of the movie I’m not a big fan of Gale. And my favorite character died at that part 
A: I thought one of the craziest parts of the movie was when they were all running for their lives and Peta went crazy and tried to kill Katniss, and killed one of his own teammates in the process of it.
G: Yeah, but at least Peta goes back to normal kind of right?
A: Well I guess they will just have to watch the movie to find out. But when Katniss and Gale marched into the capital and then all the bombing happened that had to be the saddest part of the whole movie.
G: I cried at that point because that was my other favorite character that died!!
A: I guess you’re right this was one of the most action-packed, interesting and saddest movie so far.
G: I recommend everyone to go out and take the time to watch this movie because it was incredible.