‘The Scorch Trials’ sets all of the other movies on fire

Ashlyn Brockway

Gillian: Wow that movie was so great!

Ashlyn: Dylan O’Brien is so hot.

G: I loved how it started off with Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) as a kid and then him as a teenager and all of the phases of him all the way up till he was in the maze.

A: Yeah, although I thought it was kind of confusing because it was not really explained in the beginning the whole situation with him and his mom.

G: That’s true. Plus then it went right into Thomas and all of his friends going into the building that said they were going to release them to the safe place.

A: Honestly it was so action-packed. It was cool how Thomas and his friends met up and combined with the other groups.

G: It was a plot twist when the real world was filled with disease and everyone was dead, they thought that they would be able to find other people who were living but almost everyone else was either dead or a part of WCKD and were trying to kill them.

G: There was so much disease and sickness it was gross. Everyone compared it to a zombie disease that had killed everyone and called them “cranks”. The scene where Thomas and Brenda are trapped in the building with all of the “cranks” chasing them was so scary. I thought Brenda was going to fall through that glass wall!

A: I can’t believe that Aries had found out about the vents in the wall and had seen that the leaders of the building were sneaking people into those machines trying to drain them and make their memory turn into evil thoughts.

G: I know, it was crazy! But luckily they met up with all of Aries old friends from the maze he was in and they helped them instead of shooting them.

A: That’s true. I still can’t believe what Teresa did to Thomas and all of them at the end.

G: Me neither. The movie completely left off at a cliff-hanger, I was so mad!

A: So was I! I guess we will have to wait for the next movie to see what happens to all of them!

G: It was so good. Everyone should go watch it!