Talent show to feature musicians and dancers


Olivia Ebersole


Singing, dancing and many other acts are to be seen at this year’s talent show.

Every year the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break students have the chance to show off their talent to the whole school.  Of course while it may be a bit nerve wracking to be on stage a prize it given to first, second and third place which can motivate many people. First place wins $100, second wins $50 and third wins $25, great prizes for a Black Friday shopping trip.

For many talent shows, including this one, there have been too many acts signed up then spots available in the show. Therefore try outs are held with four student judges, a senior, a junior, a sophomore and a freshman along with four teacher judges. Based on the scores given in the try outs they decide who performs. Then with the scores from the actual talent show is how the top three are decided.

This year many different types of performances have signed up including dancing, singing, instrumental playing, twirling and more.  This year the performers are Julien Thomas, Hannah Dear, Morgan Prachar, Johnathan Hubert, Olivia Ebersole and Karen Mayet.

The talent show is loved by many as it not only gives students a chance to show their talent, but it gives the high school a 9-period day and shortens class periods.  Entrance to the show is one dollar for all students, but it is well worth the money as it is used for the Key Club’s Bone Marrow Project.