Granville girls’ soccer play in soccer state final


Daniel Brnjic


The Granville girls’ soccer team lost 2-1 in the state final this weekend against Archbishop Hoban. Although the Granville opened the scoring with a goal by Rose Sawyer’s goal early in the first half; the game was very slow. Both sides were feeling each other out for most of the first half then Granville Goalkeeper Tori Long came up with a big save at the tail end of the first half.

In the second half the Aces truly dominated possession. The Aces moved the ball well and kept possession until Hoban sent the game into overtime in the final seconds of the game. In the sudden death overtime Hoban won the state title with nice goal that stunned the crowd.

“It’s a hard loss, but these girls are truly something,” said junior Cortez Yannie.

The seniors on this team really did accomplish something special. With two State Final appearances these seniors can be very proud of their accomplishments, and can hold their heads high.