We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?


A large group of students came along to support the varsity soccer team on August 21. As the game carried on, more students began to flood in, expanding the student section to more than just the one-six row bleacher available.

Students moved onto the wall on the corner of the field, on the grass sidelines, and into the official stands at the field, trying to get into the best position to cheer on their team to victory. With each goal scored, a low roar began to emanate from the corner of the field and the fan cheers could be heard throughout the facility.

“The student section and the cheers gave us a real mental boost,” senior striker Sam Choice said. “It let us know that there are people who support us, which helped give us the confidence to win.”

On the following Friday the first varsity football game took place on our home turf. Students (dressed in all white) gathered in the stands. With around 10 starters out in the very first game, students were expecting a loss.

As the game went on the various chants by the students began to get louder and louder. In the last few minutes, as the home team was losing, sophomore receiver Jack Peterson scored the touchdown to tie the two teams.

Freshman receiver Michael Reed, on a trick play, won it for the Aces by scoring the two-point conversion in the final minutes of the game.

“It was very exciting, but very nerve-racking,” senior Mitchell McDonough said. “Everyone in the stands knew we had it.”

But the fans were not the only ones overly excited, senior kicker Tyler Thomas described it as being crazy.

“We were all so happy,” Thomas said. “And [Michael] being a freshman, he was shaking on the sidelines every time he was about to go in. He knew what he had to do, and the weight of the world was on his shoulders. When he did score, let’s just say: all the ladies wanted him.”

Whether it is football or soccer, volleyball or basketball, the student section is always what helps lead the teams to victory, providing strong, spirited support throughout each and every game.