Granville Students Attend Columbus Council on World Affairs Meeting


Daniel Brnjic


Granville students attend Columbus Council on World Affairs meeting

Granville is a founding member of the Columbus Council on World Affairs Global Scholars program. Last Monday Granville Students in pursuit of the Global Scholars diploma missed class to attend a meeting held by the Columbus Council on World Affairs. These thirty students joined with other globally interested students from around central Ohio to become more educated on world issues and how to solve them.  Issues from terrorism to world hunger were addressed. This was one of four meetings that will take place for these students.

The Columbus Council on World Affairs is a community lead organization with the goal preparing future leaders for the challenging of a shrinking world with business being done at a more international level than ever before. Understanding other cultures and the issues of people in other parts of the world will yield more successful business. Many businesses in Columbus support and actively work with the program such as Honda,” said director Kevin Draper.

“I enjoy the trips,” said student John Purnode. ” It allows for a different point of view with different students with different perspectives,”

The students who participate in this program for its entirety will either graduate with Global Scholar diplomas or certificates proving their participation in the program. The participation of these students will hopefully give them the experience to go far in life as future global leaders.