Digging deep into why there’s no service in the school


Ashlyn Brockway


Students have always wondered why their phones don’t work while they are in the school. It’s very aggravating when students need to get ahold of someone, but the service here is horrible.

The apps coordinator, Mr. McCullough, answered a few questions about why students here can’t get service.  “It’s nothing that we have done on purpose, it’s simply just the way and where the school was built” Mr. McCullough said. The school is also built out of concrete making it harder to get cell service while in the school.

There are a few people who get service at the school, and don’t need to log onto Wi-Fi to be able to get on the internet or text people.“Sprint gets better service because of where the cell towers are located to the school, “McCullough said.

Students can only use certain websites to try and get work done. The school blocked social media and yahoo answers, along with many other websites or devices.

“Social media is blocked because mainly that we should not allow that content to be seen at school, since you are all minors,” McCullough said. “And about the yahoo answers, that might be blocked because of the people who work on our internet”.

There’s no way that students can get service, but at least now students know why the exact reason is.