School collaborates with area first responders to provide ALICE training for students


Grace Montgomery



Students at the middle school and high school are trained to protect themselves and their peers at ALICE training on  October 4; the teachers were trained earlier this year.

According to Mr. Durst, ALICE training is a lockdown response method training; during the training the students were placed in different scenarios and based on the concepts the students respond appropriately. For example the students thought about how they would react if there was a fake shooter, finding out where the shooter was and seeing how they would respond.

The training is a “rehearsal” or a walk through in case the school is ever placed in this situation.

Many of the students who attended were positive about the experience.

“The training was super cool, we learned many things that you wouldn’t expect to need to know,” sophomore Jenna Hyman attended said. “They made it really fun although it was really informational.”

Many students did not attend school on this day.

“The students reacted great, but the absence rate was higher than I wanted it to be; it was about 35%,” Durst said. “About 500-550 of the students attended out of the whole school.”

Durst said that there will be more training in the future.

“ALICE Training will most likely be repeated every few years; currently grades 7-12 are trained.”