Flashback Friday featuring the Sumich Twins

By Kaeli Frahn and Emily Pitcher (’15)


This week’s Flashback Friday picture features twins Hannah and Sarah Sumich, who were six years old at the time. The outfits were gifts from their grandparents and their parents were taking a picture to send to them. “So basically we’re models,” said Sarah, “but no big deal.”

Hannah said there are many advantages to being a twin, such as “always having someone to talk to and someone who knows exactly what I’m going through.”

“Growing up I always had someone, especially with moving a lot when we were younger,” Sarah said.

The sisters, who are both active in several school activities, share many similarities besides just their looks.

“We have mainly the same friends and we have the same sense of humor,” Sarah said. “Our hair is the same color, too.”

However, despite first glance, they are more different than they are alike.

“She likes running more and I like Spanish and Key Club,” Hannah said. “I like school more, she’s more social.”

“Hannah’s SO much better at school,” Sarah added. “But I’ve always been more talkative and athletic. We have our own strengths.”

But of course there are always negatives with having a sibling, let alone a twin.

Having to share a car between the two is quite the task and frustrating, said Sarah.

“We get confused a lot,” Hannah said. “And compared! A lot of people compare us which sucks because we’re two completely different people.”

Hannah has a little bit of advice about twins: “When you confuse a twin, don’t ask ‘Which one are you?’ Just ask their name. We’re separate people.”

Despite the frustration that comes with people confusing them, they can’t imagine not being twins.

“I’d be a completely different person without Hannah. I can’t picture not having a twin,” Sarah said.

“I love being a twin,” Hannah said. “We fight a lot, and I know it’s super cheesy but we are best friends. I’m gonna miss her when we go off to college.”