Sith apprentice awes in latest audiobook


Maul meets prison in this audio-book about the Dark Side.

Carsten Savage


Darth Maul, the impressively skillful, courageous and nonchalant Sith of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, became a fan-favorite faster than he could twirl his lightsaber. Though Darth Vader is arguably more popular, Darth Maul proved that human faces, not just masks, could create fear, and fans love him for his fierce horns and body paint. However, viewers were disappointed that he did not get much screen time; Maul: Lockdown, an audio-book written by Joe Schreiber and narrated by Jonathan Davis, satiates those cries of “Encore!” spectacularly.

Maul: Lockdown is unlike many other Star Wars novels in that rogue forces fight each other without the involvement of the Republic. The protagonist of the book, Darth Maul plays the part of an inmate and is tasked with infiltrating an orbital, shape-shifting and gladiatorial prison, hunting down an elusive weapons-dealer hiding there, and returning to Darth Sidious after the assassination. During the hunt, the mandatory gladiator challenges that inmates participate in end up turning the attention of the galaxy towards Maul; yet, the other vicious gangs and guards become the least of Maul’s problems.

Jonathan Davis is a narrator known for quality voice-acting, and he proves that again in Lockdown. Every character has a different “voice,” and each one sounds authentic– especially Maul’s threatening, chilling prose. Joe Schreiber creates a gritty, violent and eerie tale; plenty of sound effects make the story seem even more real, and John William’s soundtrack strengthens particular moments to make the story memorable. The cast of characters is as diverse as other books. Infamous faction leaders, Sith and the elite of the gambling industry clash and make for an exciting plot.  However, the story– especially near the end– can become slightly confusing as characters’ motives are sometimes hard to understand, and the reader is left puzzled by the resolution.

Maul: Lockdown is a well-rounded audio-book that boasts quality writing, voice-acting, music and effects. This is no average science-fiction novel, but one where a normal plot and protagonist are traded for a focus on the galaxy’s battle between the syndicates of the dark side. If a craving for a brutal, intense or morally wicked audio-book comes on, listen to Maul: Lockdown and enjoy Darth Maul’s struggle for survival.