Great Scott! 10 things “Back to the Future II” got right

Great Scott! 10 things Back to the Future II got right

Anna Minton

Today is October 21, 2015, and to all our fellow movie nerds out there, that means one thing: It’s time to go back to the future.

“Back to the Future II” is set in 1985, and the plot centers on a time traveling car called the DeLorean. In the 1989 movie, Marty McFly travels 30 years into the future with his girlfriend Jennifer and his mentor Doc Brown. These three travel to the day October 21, 2015.

The movie makes a ton of predictions about how society will change once it hits the 21st century. While some of the predictions were a bit off (self-drying jacket, outlawing lawyers, “Jaws 19″), other ideas were on target. Here are the top ten things “Back to the Future II” got right:

  1. Plastic Surgery

In the movie, Doc is able to keep his “youthful glow” by getting a full-face transplant, and shows Marty how he got “40 years taken off.” While our plastic surgery may not be able to make you look that much younger, doctors are still able to change your appearance drastically.

  1. Voice Activation

Marty McFly, in his senior years, is able to talk to the appliances in his house to get them to work.  This technology came to life in GPS systems, and became even more popular in Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

  1. Video Chat

Jennifer, Marty’s girlfriend, is able to spy on the future version of Marty McFly while he is video chatting his boss. While this advance in technology shocks Jennifer, it’s common to all of us in today’s world. Between Facetime and skype, we are a bit more used to seeing people’s faces pop up on screens than the average time-traveler.

  1. Mobility Aids

George McFly, Marty’s dad, injures himself in a golfing accident and uses a mobility aid to get around the house in the future. Today, you can see mobility aids in houses all around America, but they might look a little different. While George was forced to hang upside down by his ankles 24/7, our elderly can use motorized wheelchairs.

  1. Holographic Projections

When first arriving in 2015, Marty sees a holographic ad for the movie “Jaws 19.” While we still haven’t gotten to the nineteenth Jaws movie yet, we have seen holographs used at some music concerts and in Goggle glasses… but we’ll talk about those later.

  1. Biometrics

In the movie, Marty’s future family uses an eye-scanner and fingerprint scanner to get into their house instead of a lock and key. This technology is very real today, and is used for security measures in many different government facilities. It is also used in our everyday cell phones.

  1. Super Glasses

When eating dinner, Marty’s son in the future uses his “super glasses” to play a video game at the dinner table. In our 2015 reality, Google has invented its own version of super glasses, called “Google Glass.” These glasses can function as your phone, computer, and television, all why sitting conveniently on your nose.

  1. Hoverboards

One of the most talked about innovations of the back to the future movie was the infamous hoverboard. This year, Lexus has announced their plans for a real life functioning hoverboard. This innovation is reported to run on “…the combined effects of liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets,” as brand spokesman Moe Durand told USA Today.

  1. Self-Tying Shoes

When Marty first arrives in the future, Doc gives him a self-drying jacket, and a pair of self-tying shoes to wear. As mentioned prior, we still don’t have a self-drying jacket in modern day society. However, the self-tying shoes are close to becoming a reality. Nike has recently released their plans for actual self-tying shoes, called Nike Air Mag.

  1. Flying Cars

When going to the future, Doc is able to make a few changes to the DeLorean, one being that the car can now fly. An American company called Terrifugia has come up with the Aeromobil 3.0; the first ever flying car. These devices aren’t on sale yet, since they still have a few kinks, but does that really even matter? We are talking about a flying car here people!

So there you have it folks. The top 10 things that “Back to the Future II” got right. While we may still have to wait a couple of years for the two-tie fashion, digital food and time travel itself , it’s interesting to see what new technology ideas the writers and cast of the movie predicted. Last but not least, the Chicago Cubs wining the world series in this article, but with their recent losses, this staff member is holding her breath.

But no matter how the Cubs are playing, it seems you could say that where Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox were going, they didn’t need roads… or a crystal ball.