Teachers should communicate due dates with other teachers



All students know the pain of summer ending and school starting. When schools starts students face a whole new set of struggles. Some problems students face are getting up early, doing homework, and a frequently faced issue their teachers not communicating to the other teachers.

We have all had those days where there is 2 tests, an in class essay, 3 quizzes, and homework in every class. Those days are the most stressful days a students has. I f teachers could talk to each other to make sure the students aren’t over exerting themselves in one day.

Going to school for eight hours then going home to do four hours of homework is draining enough, but when you add sports and all other extra-curricular activities, trying to maintain a social life and get enough sleep is a very hard thing to do, and an issue all students face.

When students have days like this one or two things are bound to slip through the cracks, and once you fall behind in something it’s typically easier to fall more behind than try to catch up.

Teachers are not bad at communicating with their students and making sure they know when things are, but if they could communicate with their co-workers to rearrange things to be slightly easier on students it would help.

The students understand that the teachers have curriculums and have to teach so much in a set amount of time so tests can’t be postponed for a long period of time, but even if they spread that amount of work over three days it would be more manageable.

A day every once in a while with a large amount of work is expected, but it seems like every time there’s a quiz in one class there’s four that follow it that day.

It would make the lives of their student a lot less stressful.

Also it’s harder to actually learn the information when there’s so much going on most students just memorize it for the test, and then memorize the information for next periods quiz.