Schools take a bite out of seniors lunch time


Ashlyn Brockway


The class of 2016 are finally seniors and have waited 3 years for this memorable year. The seniors get a few special privileges, one including leaving for lunch. Leaving for lunch is a nice agreement, but the seniors only get 20 minutes to go get their food and still be back on time.

Senior, Maggie wolf, “It is nice that we get the option to leave, but it is almost not worth it to leave because lunch is such a short period.”

And I believe many of the seniors feel the same way about this arrangement.

“I do wish that you could leave during your study hall that way you would have time to do what you needed,” Wolf said. If there was a different arrangement, like having a double lunch or being able to have more time to eat, this all would work better.

“Well I think if you have double lunch it’s nice because you can actually go somewhere like chipotle, etc. but if you only have on period it’s a crunch for time”, Katherine Hilton said.

This is a great benefit to the seniors, but some changes need to be made, like making it a longer time to get lunch. I know that when I’m a senior I will want to go somewhere for lunch, but also don’t want to get in trouble for not making it back in time. This would work better for everyone, because then the seniors are happy and they will get back on time because they have a longer time for lunch.