2014 Homecoming Court announced


The winning candidates for Homecoming Court were announced last Thursday after a class-wide vote. Trevor Steyn, Ashton Plute and Christian McDermott were selected for the boys, and Shannon Murphy, Brooke Murphy and Charlotte Purnode took the three girls’ spots.

Selection for Homecoming Court is a great honor for those selected.

“I felt happy to represent [the] students and senior peers,” Plute said.

During Monday’s Homecoming Parade, the candidates took their places as the crowd looked on.

“It was the most exhilarating experience of my life; having everyone there applauding my greatness and the hard work I had put in to be where I am,” Trevor Steyn said.

Another vote takes place Thursday to pick the Homecoming King and Queen from the list of six. The queen is announced before Friday’s football game, while the king is announced during Saturday’s dance.