Flashback Friday featuring Mrs. Gardner


by Emily Pitcher and Kaeli Frahn (’15)

Flashback Friday Mrs. Gardner

This week’s flashback Friday features English teacher (and Granville almuna) Mrs. Molly Gardner at her senior Homecoming in 2002 with her future husband, Bobby Gardner.

“My favorite memory was being able to go with my husband, whom I didn’t know who would be my husband at the time,” said Mrs. Gardner.

The previous year, he was going to ask her to Homecoming. However, a classmate, Mary Getler, asked him first.

“If it wasn’t for Mary Getler, I could have started dating my husband a few months earlier,” she said.

That year they had to move the football game to Saturday before the dance due to storms and rain.

But she didn’t let that ruin her plans. She went to The Melting Pot with a group of friends. Garner said her favorite part of Homecoming was being able to see her friends outside of school because they were always busy and never had time to hang out together.