OPINION: Spirit Weak?


Homecoming Spirit Week was quite literally weak. Not only did the majority of students choose to not participate in it, but a fraction of the student body in fact loathed the theme days. With days like Flashback Day and Super Hero Day, it made it hard to want to dress up.

Lots of students felt strongly about this certain week.

“I personally don’t enjoy spirit week because not many people do it.” senior Amanda Tremel said. “What is the fun when you’re the only one dressing up?”

This seems to be the big issue for most of the school.

Many complained, but did not provide a logical solution to the problem. Tremel seems to have a solution. Tremel suggested that we have English teachers starts passing out slips of papers to students and have them write down their ideas so we have more options.

“I feel that if we had more opinions on what days we could have it would help a lot,” Tremel said. “We simply don’t have enough ideas so it is always the same old boring stuff that no one really wants to do.”

Not only could we as a school dramatically change Spirit Week for the better, we can make students want to participate by giving out prizes for best dressed, or winning gift cards for the person with the most spirit. Tremel suggested a few new days that we could try.

“I really think that frat day would be fun because I feel most people would participate it in,” Tremel said. “We could even assign each grade a theme and whichever grade wins gets pizza party or something fun.”

With these suggestions Spirit Week could be something the whole school looks forward to instead of groaning about the thought of dressing up.