Cross country goes to the big leagues


Photo courtesy of Kate Mills

Anna Minton


Both boys’ and girls’ Cross Country have been doing well this year. Last Saturday, both teams raced at Bryn Du, and both got 2nd place. Victor Zigert won the boy’s open, Riley Pay won the girls’ open and Micaela Degenero won the girls’ Varsity open.

Recently, both teams switched to Division I. This has many of the athletes excited.

“I’m pretty excited about this year,” said junior Destiny Braden. “Since we switched divisions, I’m excited to see how we compare to other teams.”

This weekend, both teams have another meet at Tiffin, which is one of the biggest meets in the state, according to Braden. The varsity open will also be at Watkins.

“I know we’ll have to work harder, but that is part of what I’m looking forward to,” Braden said. “I’m just excited to go out there and run my best, and I’m sure everyone else is, too.”