Blue’s Festival


Hunter Brown


Granville’s Bluesfest took place Labor Day weekend. Many from all over the county set up their lawn chairs, and watched bands perform.  Students attended this event with their friends to enjoy hanging out with their families, and listening to the music.

Bluesfest is just an all-around fun experience and something to do on a Saturday night considering nobody ever has any actual parties,” senior Braeden Leigh said.

“I went to the Bluesfest to listen to the grooving bass and swinging sax because that’s what I love to dance to,” Carolyn Mestamaker said. “I enjoyed the atmosphere and how all age groups attended the fest.”

So next year when the Bluesfest comes around, go and check it out with friends and family. It is a family friendly event, and it is one of the few that Granville hosts every year.