Top 5 Adam Sandler Movies


Danielle Varrasso, Business Manager

Adam Sandler is known for his silly characters like in “Billy Madison” and “The Waterboy” but his best roles are when he is more like a normal human being. For years he has been on screen making people laugh and he has been in some of the most popular movies known today. Ranging from funny movies like “Jack and Jill” to serious films like “Uncut Gems”. With so many movies it is hard to pick a favorite Adam Sandler movie, but these are the top 5.

“Grown Ups”

Starting with a very popular one, and my personal favorite. “Grown Ups” starring Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler), Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James), Marcus Higgins (David Spade) and Kurt Mckenzie (Chris Rock). It is one of the best films of all time. They have a great cast including some of the funniest actors of all time that have created many other films. It is a family friendly movie, and can be enjoyable to all age groups. Adam Sandler plays the role of a married father with three kids, and is surrounded by three of his lifelong friends and their families. They go on a trip together in which they face the ups and downs of life with family and friends. At the end of the movie they remember their past basketball coach by having a rematch against their team from elementary school. The actors make it a hilarious and uplifting film.

“Grown Ups 2”

Second on my list, is “Grown Ups 2” the sequel to the first “Grown Ups.” It keeps all the characters from the first movie but this time they have grown up more and it makes it more of a coming of age film as we see the kids go through their teenage years and the adults and how they deal with it. They all take their families on a trip to a waterpark, and Adam Sandler keeps up with his great role of being an immature dad just having fun.

“Just Go with It

Next, I would put “Just Go with It”. This is a classic, starring Mr. Daniel Macabee (Sandler) and Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Anniston); they are two great actors that contribute to making a very lighthearted, comedic film. The two come together for a film in which Adam Sandler goes from being a loser to a big time plastic surgeon with Anniston as his assistant. He then meets a beautiful woman and is caught up in a bunch of lies in which Jennifer and her family become a part of. He lies about being married and has to use Anniston as his fake wife to help get the girl.  This movie really captures Adam Sandler’s acting skills as it is a combo of comedy as well as a love story and he does well at all the parts.

“Happy Gilmore”

After that the next best is “Happy Gilmore”, this was one of his first movies and also one of his best. He is the main character and star of this movie as he learns he may have a special talent for golf. Happy Gilmore (Sanders), a hockey player, joins a golf tournament to help his grandmother keep her house. But he is not like every other golfer, as he is short tempered and inappropriate on the course, he slowly becomes a golfing legend. This movie never fails to make me laugh as Adam Sandler just portrays the character so well with his constant mood swings and aggression. 

“50 First Dates”

Lastly, “50 First Dates” starring Henry Ross (Sandler) and Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore). This is different from his traditional films as its major plotline is a love story and he is more romantic in it. But at the same time Adam Sandler makes it very funny as he tries to handle the ups and downs of his relationship. He tries to win over a girl with short term memory loss. You can not go wrong with this rom com as it is family friendly.

These movies are just a personal top five, but I would recommend any movie that is starring Adam Sandler. They are always really lighthearted, silly films that can be enjoyed by everyone. He is a phenomenal actor, and each movie he does is impressive.